What if...?

Will your team be able to carry on without you?


The thing about fate is that it doesn't make an appointment.

As the saying goes, while you are making other plans, life happens - and your business affairs may not be in order when that happens.

That is why we've created a simple checklist to help you with the basics of Succession Planning. It is called

The Show Must Go On Checklist

because if you can't ensure business as usual, in the event of losing a key person, the show won't go on and you'll put your business at significant risk.

Stuff You Can Use - The Action List

You will learn:

  • what both managers and business owners alike aspire to;
  • how to think about your Succession Planning; and
  • the 10 essential questions to ask and prepare for.

Make it easier to manage your risks.

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The Show Must Go On Checklist

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